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Social affairs, employment and pensions

World Social Security Forum in Brussels: "Protecting people in a changing world"

Brussels, 14 October 2019
The World Social Security Forum takes place in Brussels from 14 to 18 October 2019. The event welcomes 1,300 experts from more than 150 countries to share their innovative visions in confronting the main global challenges for social security. Leading Belgian experts will also shed light on new strategies aimed at strengthening social protection in our country.

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Belgian FPS Social Security exchanges best practices with Chinese Department of Employment and Income Distribution

The International Cooperation department (BELINCOSOC) of the Belgian Federal Public Service for Social Security welcomes high level Chinese delegates for the second time. Both organisations will be sharing experiences and best practices with regards to income inequality, the labour market and social security in financially precarious times. Each theme will be looked at from a Belgian and European perspective, with close attention to the Chinese context.

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Invitation to conference: Towards a Social Protection for All

Monday 27th April – Brussels - from 8:30 am to 17:45 pm
Finance Tower - Pacheco Auditorium
Entrance: Boulevard Pacheco 13
1000 Brussels
(metro Botanique)

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And you? Which social jacket do you want?

At a time that everyone has questions about the future of our social protection, FULL SOCIAL JACKET proposes a new way to find answers: it wants to take the pulse with regard to pensions, health care reimbursements, re-employment, … by means of a documentary film and gives the floor to everyone: those who work on social protection from day to day as well as those who have questions about the future of social protection. FULL SOCIAL JACKET is a web documentary launched by a public service: an absolute première!

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Invitation to the press - FULL SOCIAL JACKET - December 4- 10a.m.


And you? Which social jacket do you want?

Watch the trailer here:

Which challenges is our social protection faced with? Pensions, health care, housing, re-employment, disability, volunteerism… these are all themes citizens have a lot of questions about. Which choices are being made today, in times of crisis, in Belgium and elsewhere in Europe? And which consequences do these choices have in daily life?

On December 4, come and discover FULL SOCIAL JACKET, a project based on a web documentary on the social protection of the Belgians and the Europeans, on 4 December 2013. The web documentary opens the debate and gives the floor to all parties concerned: institutions, civil society, social partners, policy-makers and citizens. Ten real-life stories, expert opinions, about 2 hours of videos, computer graphics … and also the social media, an online game, a blog and a participative exposition will give food for thought.


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OECD Economic Survey of Belgium launches Tuesday 7 May 2013 in Brussels

The OECD’s latest Economic Survey of Belgium, to be published on Tuesday 7 May 2013, looks at the country’s resilience to the global economic crisis and actions that can help it boost growth and create jobs. The Survey outlines potential reforms to improve competitiveness and help secure long-term fiscal sustainability, notably in the health sector, which must adjust to a rapidly ageing population. A special chapter assesses whether the existing transportation infrastructure is sufficient for the anticipated economic and environmental challenges of the future.

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