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How do I sign up to receive press releases?

Simply log in via MyPresscenter and you will automatically receive all press releases published on www.presscenter.org.
  • On the homepage, go to MyPresscenter and click on "Register".
  • You will be taken to the "Register as a journalist" screen. (Don’t worry: you can register on our website even if you aren’t a journalist!)
  • Complete the various fields. (NB: You can upload a picture of yourself, but this is not obligatory.)
  • Click on "Create new account".
  • You will be taken to the "My contact information" screen. At the same time, you will receive a confirmation e-mail in your mailbox.
  • Complete the mandatory fields (Surname, First name and Language) and indicate which newsletter (if any) you want to subscribe to.
  • If you wish, you can also supply additional contact details under "Contact information" and "Press".
  • Click on "Request validation".