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OLO-auction of 28/11/2005 : range

Press release from the Debt Agency
Read on - 25/11/2005 11:26 - Belgian Debt Agency

Belgian research grid connects to world-wide grid

Belgian scientists can now make computations that were previously impossible to achieve because they lacked the computing power and computer storage capacity. The connection of BEgrid, the Belgian research grid infrastructure co-ordinated by the Belgian national research network BELNET, to the world-wide EGEE grid (Enabling Grids for E-sciencE) allows BEgrid users to use EGEE's computing power and storage capacity, this makes new scientific breakthroughs possible. The principle of a grid is as simple as it is ingenious: connect a lot of computers anywhere in the world via the Internet and let them work together as one huge, virtual computer. The unused hard disk capacity and computing power of the computers can be harnessed to automatically distribute a huge amount of data and allow complex calculations between the computers. The most powerful computer in the world, or a single battery of computers, is no longer sufficient to store and process the amount of data that a medium-sized grid is able to handle. Another advantage of grid computing is that it is not horribly expensive. You don't have to invest in enormous high-speed computers, the hard disk capacity and computing power of which is not always fully utilised.
Read on - 22/11/2005 09:05 -

IMF-Belgium—2005 Article IV Consultation

INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND Belgium—2005 Article IV Consultation Preliminary Conclusions
Read on - 21/11/2005 19:19 - Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt

OLO auction of 28/11/2005

Press release from the Belgian Debt Agency
Read on - 21/11/2005 16:38 - Belgian Debt Agency

Federal Government Debt at end October 2005

Press release from the Belgian Debt Agency
Read on - 17/11/2005 10:56 - Belgian Debt Agency